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Shuttle bus to Central Paris from Orly Airport:

Orlybus vs Seateezy

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The Orlybus is a shuttle service connecting  West & South terminals at Orly airport to Paris at the RER and Metro stations Denfert-Rochereau square. Seateezy is a private marketplace that connects travelers with the local transport companies. The Orlybus traveling time is around 30 minutes on average and twice less for Seateezy. About the Orlybus, they leave every 8 to 25 minutes to get to Paris and Seateezy offers are more variables. The buses of Orlybus and the private’s mini buses of Seateezy operate from 6:00 am until after 00:30 pm seven days per week. RATP Transport Company operates the Orlybus line. For both of them, the buses and mini buses leave from exit H at the South Terminal and exit D, arrivals level, at the West Terminal.

You can buy your orlybus tickets € 7.70 from the automatic ticket machines at the airport which accept credit cards. Whereas with Seateezy you have to book your seat and pay by credit cards online if you want to enjoy the most competitive price of € 5.

With Seateezy, the chauffeur asks you the e-mail confirmation while you should validate your ticket as soon as you will be onboard with Orlybus. While with Orlybus you have to carry your hand luggage on your lap during busy times, Seateezy provides you a big space for all passenger’s bags.

The Orlybus trip takes around 30mins and you are dropped off outside Denfert-Rochereau station where you have the option of taking another bus, a taxi, the train or the metro. Seateezy make it twice faster.

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